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We believe low intervention delivers wine with better character. From vine to bottle, our wines are produced with minimal intervention, resulting in a finished product that truly represents our climate and our community.


Water Management and Sustainability

Living in an arid and potentially fire-prone environment, we have made sure to minimize the use of electricity-dependent equipment. As such, all of our vineyards “up top” and “out back” are gravity irrigated. And with our limited water available for irrigation, we have slowly matured the plants to seek water deep within the soil instead of staying at the surface.


These efforts, combined with other sustainable watering programs, ensure our plants thrive in our arid environment. If and when drought conditions arise, the vines are hearty and able to withstand Mother Nature's whims.

Birds and Bees

It's a common misconception that the desert is desolate and uninhabited. Quail, raptors, Hungarian partridge, chukar, and a variety of other birds share our space. We manage a sustainable balance of protecting our grapes while respecting the natural wildlife. For example, DB Honey works multiple bee hives around the property. The bees find water in the drippers and pollen from the spring grape blooms in addition to multiple blooms of bitterbrush, rabbit brush, and other flowering plants in the area. 

Wild Wild West

Welcome to growing crops in the wild west. We have early freezes. Late freezes. Ice storms. Gully washers. Excessive heat. Excessive cold. Weather that makes us question our sanity almost every year. Coyotes have eaten grapes and chewed up irrigation lines, and gophers took out a full line of chardonnay.  Even our own dogs have been buttheads in the vineyard.

But we love what we do and we knew it wouldn't be easy. If it were easy, everyone would do it. 


Joseph Guenther

Owner. Winemaker. Farmer. Fixer of things. 

Joe doesn't like to fuss with things too much, and his winemaking reflects this. 

After receiving his winemaking certification from UC Davis, Joe is still committed to his roots: to grow and make wines that he and his friends like to drink. Hand-made and low intervention. Nothing funky— just good solid wines.

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